Product Cover look inside Division of Beat (D.O.B.), Book 1A Conductor's Guide. Composed by Harry Haines and J. R. Mcentyre. Arranged by Tom Rhodes. Band - Band Methods. Southern Music. Instruction, Method. 136 pages. Southern Music Company #B323SC. Published by Southern Music Company (HL.3770465).
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Baritone Horn


  • Scarborough Fair for Flute and Left Hand Piano

  • Ode To Joy for Solo B-Flat Trumpet with Organ Accompaniment


The music of this folk song is characterized by extensive harmonies and rising melodic lines. It opens with acute melancholy, which reflects the mood of the current arrangers on this final day of May 2020. The music then turns into a wonderful association of smooth harmonies and counter-melodies, finally returning to haunting melancholy. The purpose was to develop a sensitive setting, akin to the story behind it. *As an aside, the song "Scarborough Fair" was not composed by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel & predates them by hundreds of years. Numerous versions of lyrics apart from the Simon and Garfunkel version, exist.*(Galaxy Music Notes, 2020)

Scarborough Fair originated from a royal charter granted by King Henry III of England on 22 January 1253.  The traditional "Scarborough Fair" no longer exists, but a number of low-key celebrations take place every September to mark the original event. (Wikipedia)

The Flute Part is an easy Grade 2+ or 3- with few range issues for young or old players alike, other than a few High C’s and D’s which will need to be played with care to be in tune and under control. The piano is a simple left hand only all in bass clef. Both have no rhythms more complicated than dotted quarter - 8ths notes except at the end where the 16th and 32nds are at slow tempo and can easily be played by ear from the recording. Both Separate Flute and Piano Parts are included as well as a Score showing both parts on one page.

Downloadable PDF format for parts and score is available for $10.00.

Please click here to request video, audio or other formats or custom arrangements. 


Music Arranged by David & Marie Colton Woodard

All Rights Reserved by

Created at Albemarle Park Studios,

Asheville, NC, USA  


Ode To Joy for solo B-Flat Trumpet with Organ Accompaniment 

is a  grade 1.5 setting of Beethoven's Ode To Joy for trumpet and organ (or piano) accompaniment.

it begins in  the key concert F, then moves to concert B flat, with a very simple, yet sonorous modulation for organ and soloist. Trumpet solo note durations are all whole note, half note, or quarter. the only exception is the tied quarter note over the bar line which distinguishes the piece.  While sounding impressive, yet is very playable for 2nd or even advanced 1st year players. Four-bar phrase development is encouraged.


Transpositions for other instruments are available upon request. An arrangement for young brass ensemble and young concert band will also soon be available on our website.

Please write us for more information, suggestions, and requests. 

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